Charlie Pollard


Charlie Pollard is a presence in the twin cities folk scene. He has a number of releases both full folk, and instrumental. With his trademark coarse vocals and open chord structures, Charlie Pollard creates a new version of an old genre. For free downloads of this artist, click here.

Aural Bandito


Aural Bandito is a local electronic artist from the twin cities. Pulling sounds from all genres and styles, he creates an odd, eclectic, and well polished product. Aural Bandito has had a string of releases in various styles under the umbrella of electronic music. For free downloads by Aural Bandito, click here.



Wolfmouse is a trio of alt-jazz musicians from the south metro area of Minnesota. Pulling inspiration from a varied base of musicians, Wolfmouse combines different styles into an aurally pleasing product, great for any occasion. For free downloads by Wolfmouse, click here.


Instrumental fantasy

Ciranas is an instrumental composition collection focusing on a fantasy setting. Ciranas takes influences from the high fantasy worlds of Lord of the Rings, Game of Thrones, and the many other films, games, and settings. This music is perfect for adding a bit of magic to your daily life.
For free downloads by Ciranas, click here.