Weird Flex - Aural Bandito

Aural Bandito is back at it with another beat tape. A must have for any hip-hop head or just somebody who likes to feel the bass, Weird Flex will keep you nodding your head from start to finish. Enjoy!

FREE ALBUM Darker Times - Ciranas

Darker Times is an album by fantasy composer "Ciranas". This album was published in 2016, but now you can download a free copy of it. Take a trip to a far away land with these high-fantasy inspired pieces. Create a movie in your head while you listen along.

Stream D.C. Blues Before Release.

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D.C. Blues Pre-Orders

D.C. Blues Pre-Order

Aural Bandito

D.C. Blues is a politically charged beat tape by artist, Aural Bandito. On top of delivering heavy basslines and innovative beats, this eighteen track album also turns an introspective eye toward the corruption and injustices at the core of our society. From the systematic incarceration of people of color for profit, to the incessant babbling of our talking head president, this album is holds no punches. 
Thanks to the pre-orders we have already received, we are able to offer you a free promotional sticker with your order of D.C. Blues. We hope you enjoy the album upon release, and can't wait for you to hear it.

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Mental Block Records Sampler 2

At Mental Block Records, we strive to bring you a wide array of music with a constant level of quality and musicianship. Because of this eclectic range, we are well fitted to providing you with the best option for your next movie, episode, game, or promotional material. We offer a growing catalog of music and are ready to compose and record music specifically tailored for your project and budget. Enjoy some of the new additions to our catalog.

Puce: A Diatribe Into Obliquity. Free Download.

Aural Bandito has done it again with one of his most bizarre projects yet. "Puce: A Diatribe Into Obliquity" (Or PADIO for short) is a strange experimental mix between Aural Bandito's electronic style and a horror film. PADIO was designed and composed to emulate different aspects of disassociation in every song. This album is not for the faint of heart.

Charlie Pollard "Healing" Release

Charlie Pollard will be releasing his latest album "Healing" on the fifteenth of this December at 7:30 P.M..In reference to the new release, The Bandcamp Diaries is quoted saying  "Charlie Pollard is a driven, passionate and charismatic artist with a passion for the cutting-edge feel of alternative music and the intimacy of folk.". This album is picking up steam right in time for release.

Charlie Pollard Pre-orders for Healing

Below is the page for pre-orders and donations toward the new album by Charlie Pollard called "Healing". You can keep up to date on the release, save money on your copy of the album, and get other unique perks for your donation.

Check out the Indiegogo page here!

Baberaham Lincoln and the Headshots Demo

Baberaham Lincoln And The Headshots

A folk-punk demo from the acoustic artist Charlie Pollard was released unexpectedly recently. Taking inspiration from artists such as Pat the Bunny and Andrew Jackson Jihad, this demo addresses serious issues with aggression and a twisted sense of humor. With the current political climate, we thought it would be a good idea to release this demo as soon as possible.

Please enjoy a free download of the demo!

Aural Bandito Official Soundtrack to Escape From Prometheus

Aural Bandito has struck again! This next free album is the official soundtrack to the animated graphic novel "Escape From Prometheus". This soundtrack pay homage to the classic sounds of the science fiction genre. Enjoy a trip to the future, from the past. This album is on us. Have some music on the house! Click here to download.

New Single by Charlie Pollard

The River Runs
Charlie Pollard

Charlie Pollard has dropped a new folk single. The River Runs is a folk jam with southern influences. There has been a wait for this single, for a few months, but it is a sign that there is a new album coming out. This single will be digitally released for download in the near future. In the meantime, enjoy listening and anticipating the new album.